Friday, March 25, 2011

other languages/ otra lenguaje

Our current technology is at a snails pace, so currently we can't translate the site!, We would be able to but this computer is slow and old!, We will use this post instead for non-speakers. So if you speak a non-english language post here, they either read english or they don't know how yet, but maybe someone they know does so they can be pointed to this page!
With this in mind were looking for a priest or new council member who is fluent in spanish/english, or any other different languages along with english (of course!)!!

Off Topic!

Here you post anything that doesn't relate to magick, so you can do this in one place on the site without getting banned or recieving a warning! Post here your views, your random roleplays and anything else that you couldn't post otherwise as long as you follow the rules! This means that if your off topic post includes spam, swearing/cussing and so on, you will most likely be given a warning or a ban depending on your current rule breaking status! So be careful what you post, and have fun! Blessed Be!

why you should join!

Why should you join? You must be asking yourself that or else why have you stayed? I know some websites seem boring, or don't share your views, some sites don't seem worth the time and effort wasting on joining another site out of billions! But here we are a second family that cares about you! And signing in or signing up is simple!, use a yahoo account, or a twitter account, or your own gmail to sign in! It is that simple! It is completely free and we are now a new coven! We are called Magick Stuff and open to all opinions, views, and comments, we will even make you a council member of our coven if you go one week without being rude and offensive!, And it would be free, you will then be added as a partial site editor!, I am the coven's priestess and were looking for a priest who will devote a month of proving there worth to be a full site contributor free of charge! I put emphasis on the fact that this site is free because people dont like being charged for membership!, or charched in this crappy economy for things that don't seem neccisary to pay for! So please join, feel free to contribute and add spells and rituals, we even let you post articles and videos!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Goddess of the Moons, the hunt, and the women. A beautiful maiden, she carries a bow and quiver of arrows. Often birds, deer, or lions accompany her. cited from wiccan garden index.


The God of healing and the arts. He is young and handsome. He carried a lyre, a bow, and arrows. He drives a golden chariot. cited from wiccan garden index.


The Goddess of sexuality, love, and beauty. She is a beautiful and often naked young woman. Sometimes she is covered, or partially covered, in a cloth. She can be seen carrying a dove or stepping out of the sea. cited from wiccan garden index.